My debut book is out!

It's a business autobiography about all the things that I have learned throughout my time as an entrepreneur over the past 15 years. It's called DO. FAIL. LEARN. REPEAT. I've also made matching socks that you can buy online right now. 

 Signed, dated and written through blood, actual sweat and real tears. 

Signed, dated and written through blood, actual sweat and real tears. 



Building a business is not easy. If you think it is, you're already in trouble.

I have spent the last 15 years of my life building businesses, watching other people build businesses, working in business and learning about the latest trends and tools that influence businesses.

I have failed a lot. I have succeeded a little and more than anything I have gained a deep insight and appreciation for the drive and determination it takes to build anything at all.

When I work with businesses my focus is on their digital capabilities, the core strategy in the business driving growth and to provide perspective to the entrepreneur on the frontline.

Failure is not the opposite of success. Not trying is the opposite of success. 

Over and above everything else, I'm an entrepreneur. But I am also a writer, a speaker and a consultant.

 Here I am, just a guy standing in his sock shop. Man I love socks.

Here I am, just a guy standing in his sock shop. Man I love socks.

My Latest Keynote

Your business is failing wrong.

Here's how to do it right.

What You Can Expect

I'm brutally and unapologetically honest in business and in life. I don't pull any punches and wont bullshit you. If we can make things better, we will. If I can't help you then I'll tell you exactly that and point you to someone who might be able to.

I only work with the best partners and tools available to provide the most relevant solution to you and your business.





I bring a fresh and brutal level of honesty to the stage. I am not a trend specialist who has never been at the frontline of innovation. I have failed dismally and lived to learn the lesson and tell the story. On stage I have high energy and deep insights that are presented in a way that allows the audience to engage, learn and share their ideas and experiences.


The first thing I remember writing was a letter when I was 7 years old. Ever since that day, I have been most comfortable expressing myself through my writing.

I am a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, I have written for the Financial Mail, Sunday Times and various other publications in my career.

Most recently I published my first business book called DO. FAIL. LEARN. REPEAT. which focuses on my ability fo fail into lessons and improve my ability to build businesses. 



The first real business I built was a band that failed. I was 18 and we were clueless. Since then I've started numerous businesses with three successful exits and many, many failures.

There was a freelance writers network, a student news portal, a social network, a mobile social network builder and most recently a style company that started as a sock company called Nic Harry.