My first Men’s Health column

I started my professional career as a journalist. It’s something that I wanted to do from when I was a little kid. Back then I wanted to be a war correspondent but those dreams disappeared somewhere along the way. I’ve worked for some of the top media companies and brands in the country including 702 […]

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There are many clichés that exist to express the problem with being too close to something. Perspective is a difficult thing to find and many of the greats either towered over this problem or fell to its trickery. Seeing the wood from the trees is one of my favourites. Here’s how I saw the woods and […]

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Could Julian Assange be the worlds greatest Villain?

I’m going to spew a couple of cliches and some thoughts now. I’d like you to read them in context of Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, and his project, the documents being published and the public reading it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Keep your friends close and enemies closer. Who gate-keeps the gatekeeper? Let me […]

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SpeakZA – Bloggers for a Free Press

Last week, shocking revelations concerning the activities of the ANC Youth League spokesperson Nyiko Floyd Shivambu came to the fore. According to a letter published in various news outlets, a complaint was laid by 19 political journalists with the Secretary General of the ANC, against Shivambu. This complaint letter detailed attempts by Shivambu to leak […]

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Ashton Kutcher VS CNN – Celebstream VS Mainstream

Ashton Kutcher. The man is emerging as a social media genius. He is a top user on two of the hottest social media properties right now; and Talya Goldberg raised an interesting point: By following @aplusk over @cnnbrk is it not reinforcing, notion that celebrity news/culture is more nb than what is happening […]

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