How To Work From Anywhere

Running a retail business is a lot trickier than I was led to believe early on. Who’d have thought?! Well, to be fair, initially I thought that I was running an ecommerce business and now Nic Harry is a full-on multichannel affair. That makes it complicated and intricate for me as the founder. I have […]

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Stop Being a Knowledge Snob

*This story was originally published on Medium. Every day entrepreneurs learn new things, we fail in new ways and we stumble over new steps. It’s time to start sharing these lessons, not protecting them. I’m so tired of people protecting their experience and knowledge as if it’s the one ring that binds them all. Your […]

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Inspiration Indaba is Coming

One of the things that I hear all the time from young entrepreneurs, from people trying to start their own business or even people who just like to complain, is that there are no local success stories. The truth is that there are many success stories of South African entrepreneurs and business people who have excelled but […]

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Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 2.57.48 PM

Today marks the launch of a platform that Paul Cartmel and I have been working on for a while now. His team at New Media Labs have been fantastic in getting us to a point where we can launch a beta version of the platform. is a place where we hope startups, investors, tech […]

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Learn How to Apologise

I like to be right but I am wrong a lot of the time and for much of my career I struggled to apologise when an apology was needed. Not wanting to apologise is about pride and ego. Both of these things can get in the way of a good relationship (in business or in […]

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Days like these

There are days when I question every decision I make. When my head thumps from the second I wake up to the second I hit the pillow to sleep. Days when every email I receive makes my heart sink because I think I’ve screwed up. Days when a phone call isn’t a conversation but the […]

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Data is like breathing. You don’t know you need it until it’s not there

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 3.41.08 PM

Every business needs data. If you think you’re different you’re wrong. Whether you are selling cupcakes, socks, strategy, advertising, cars or anything in between you need to know things about your business. What do I mean by “data”? Basic information that your business generates around core product or services. Information like this: How many customers do […]

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